NFS: ProStreet Patch v1.1

NFS: ProStreet Файлы
NFS: ProStreet Patch v1.1 — патч, обновляющий Need for Speed ProStreet до версии 1.1.
Добавляет сетевой режим игры по локальной сети.
Размер: 228.27MB
This patch adds LAN (Local Area Network) play to the PC version of Need for Speed ProStreet.
LAN Play Overview:
This patch introduces multiplayer game play in a standalone LAN environment. Up to 32 games of 2-8 players per game are supported. The patch has two components:
— Updated ProStreet game client
— New ProStreet LAN Server
— ProStreet PC LAN Game Server is a separate application that must be started before attempting to use LAN Play.
— Run one server only per LAN. Only one ProStreet PC LAN Game Server is required per LAN. Each server can host up to 32 games.


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